Southern Virginia Child Advocacy Center

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Get involved in our ongoing projects and support agency staff. We have many projects throughout the year that we need volunteers for. We also have everyday tasks that volunteers can get involved in. Volunteers are required to pass background checks and sign confidentiality agreements.

Become a CASA Volunteer

CASA Volunteers are court appointed special advocates. As a CASA you will work directly with children in need. These children are going through a point in their life where they are experiencing many changes and through it all you will be a safe person for them to talk to. You will receive extensive training and mentoring while you learn how to investigate a child's case and write reports to advise the judge on the child's best interests and safety. If you would like to become a CASA Volunteer fill out the documents below and submit them directly to us - you will not be charged to the background checks.

CASA Volunteer Application

CPS Background Check


Local undergrad and graduate students are welcome to apply to intern with us! As an intern you will be directly involved in the everyday projects and services at our center. We often have interns in the fields of social work, sociology, criminal justice, psychology, and clinical work